ain't she cute

she is so precious and adorable...I just had to share these!


sound advice

Many of those who I consider more experienced with surviving the exhausting first few weeks meeting the needs of a newborn had given me the advice to sleep when your baby sleeps. You mean to tell me I am to ignore the smell of the dishes rotting in the sink, the mountainous load of laundry piling up at the end of the bed, and forget about all the friends who are communicating with me through voice mails? I am finding this is easier said then done, but not everyone has had a hard time accepting this philosophy(notice the pictures)!


slippery when wet

The time had come to give her a bath...so with trepidation we faced our fears and took the plunge. I am not exactly sure what we feared, perhaps we would wash off her heavenly baby scent or maybe the softness of her skin would wash away with the contact from the washcloth? She seems to enjoy her bath time, daddy takes on most of the responsibility of the washing and mom is in charge of having a steamy hot towel fresh from the dryer ready to wrap her little body in. Spoiled you say...you can't spoil a newborn right?


Addiction: a state of dependence or great interest in a particular thing to which a lot of time is devoted.