The Nursery

Although we decided to have a "surprise" baby, we just couldn't wait to get started decorating the nursery. We were fortunate to receive most of the furniture, gently used, from my sister. Most of the other decor came from other rooms in our home, just with a few updates. We tried to create a room that had these characteristics; was somewhat modern with a classic touch and could be used for future babies.
The nesting bug came along in about the 7 month of pregnancy. First, the kick was organizing. Every room in the house went through strict inspection. Although we have been married for 6 years, it is amazing all the stuff you can accumulate. Kara pulled out the sewing machine, wiped off the dust, which had been accumulating for several years and began to make things...blankets, curtains, custom birp cloths. Cathy helped with the finishing touches, the bedskirt and the bed comforter. Most of the inspirations came from little boutiques, which were charging way to much!