on the road again...

A few months ago JJ and I decided to give up on the tent for awhile (seemed like a good idea with 3 kids under 4 in a few months...) and search for the 'perfec't trailer. So, as JJ has been working 60 hour weeks for the past 2 months we have been stashing all our extra cash in a coffee can in our kitchen. We finally had enough and found the 'perfect for us' trailer. So with the weather looking rather promising we took her for her first trip!

pretty good towing power for a 4 cylinder
dont worry, the girls car seats fit nicely in the bed of the truck

enjoying a campfire meal

the wind was in full force

JJ was showing his creativity...

enjoying the ride
 We decided to bike the Twin Tunnels trail from Hood River to Mosier. About 9 miles round trip of hills, wind and amazing views of the Gorge.  It was enjoyable but might have been a bit much for my pregnant, out of shape body.

We stayed just south of Hood River at Toll Bridge Campground. We enjoyed a private site with lots of trees and the river rushing by in the distance. We did have the place to ourselves, besides the camp host anyways. My Sis  and her family came to join us for an afternoon. The girls enjoyed rolling in the dirt, playing hide and seek among the trees and digging in the sand. Lots of giggles
and laughter followed with full bellies and smores by the campfire.
We are looking forward to this phase of life and are excited to be able to hop in the truck on a Friday afternoon and head of for a new adventure. Both grandparents and a few friends also have RV's, so we hope to coordinate some trips soon!


the terrible two's

ok...seriously, I am so far behind. This was in February!

Really? How can she be two already? Ellinor asked for ice cream for her birthday this year. So we went with it! She seemed to have a good idea about what was going on, for a whole week before her birthday she would sing to herself and pretend to blow out candles.
playing with some flubber to get the party started.

so many treats to choose from.

9 little tykes gathered around the table.

a special package from aunt katie

we did a simple cake/ice cream walk!

perhaps realizing it is not all about her this time!

The stockings were hung with care...

First we need to ask for forgiveness! We just might of lied to you if you asked us directly, or nonchalantly avoided any references to us having another baby. For those of you who don't already know...


we secretly hung another stocking this year!

Don't read into the blue stocking, we had it leftover from when we were pregnant with our first!

The girls really have no idea what is going on here, but they know what candy is!
We didn't tell them until the night before we shared with our family,

The girls wore these shirts at a family gathering. JJ had a shirt that said "got one past the goalie" Some people caught on quickly, (Aunt Nancy was first!) but I do think the grandparents took the longest!
 Some friends and family got an announcement by mail.

Needless to say we are overjoyed to welcome a new little one into our family. Olivia and Ellinor seem to be very excited as well. Let's hope it stays that way! Olivia is constantly asking me what the baby is doing; Eating what is on my plate? Walking around in my belly? Laying down to sleep?  We took her to see the 20 week ultrasound and before going she asked if they would cut open my belly button to see the baby!  Ellinor is always asking if I will cry and scream when the baby is born! Olivia will say she keeps changing her mind on whether it will be a boy or girl, but she mostly references the baby as a girl,.  I think three girls would be nice! JJ and I both love the suspense and surprise, so we are looking forward to finding out in August. The girls love sharing the news with just about anyone who will listen.

He is Risen

she started to just look for pink and purple eggs...

poor Kasen..he is totally outnumbered.

look at that face!

twirling around and around...


We had a wonderful weekend celebrating the promises and hope of Jesus' death and resurrection. A few weeks ago we made a great little project at mops...with grass, crosses, the tomb, etc. (I should add a picture). Olivia was in charge of maintaining it. During one of our discussions she says to me..."mom, how could Jesus's big body fit on that wee little tomb?" I love how her brain thinks and I am enjoying discussions with her where she is asking lots of good questions.

We celebrating with half of my family on Saturday, then the other half on Sunday. All together the girls had 3 egg hunts, so they were pros. Elli especially enjoyed screaming as she was running around looking for eggs. They each got baskets with totally girly things inside and they got a package from their Aunt Katie and Uncle Chris! Way to much chocolate and candy in the house for this pregnant mommy to resist!


winter recap...catching up

I am so far behind....
her first time wearing 'big girl' makeup!

Olivia started taking a tap/ballet combination class this year. she goes one day a week and absolutely loves it. It is great to see her learning movements to music and trying to control her body. She inspired me to take the adult class once a week as well. It is very humbling for me, but I do enjoy the challenge! She got to be a part of the winter production, The Night Before Christmas, she was a mouse in the opening scene, the best 30 seconds of the entire show!

Hidden behind their is her first princess bike (gag) without training wheels (thanks to the skut bike)!

Even daddy got a gift he loved...and continued to torture the girls with it for the rest of the day!

We got some snow a few days this year, well more than a half an inch anyways. The girls love being out in it. hmmm, 20 minutes to get snow gear on, 10 minutes of play, 10 minutes to get it off and 15 minutes to warm up with hot chocolate!  We enjoyed a trip down to Eagle Crest for a long weekend to visit our good friends the Hockers. We took the kids out in the wind and snow for an hour or so. So much fun!

Olivia was also a part of the bell choir this year at church! All the kids were so adorable up there. They had to memorize a lengthy section of scripture, which was just awesome to hear!