summer fun

we were able to enjoy some of the summer sun at grandmas pool!
lots and lots of homemade popsicles.
three friends just goofing around.
pink pink pinkalicious!
full of giggles.
you talking to me?
look at these cuties. this was at lanie's cowgirl party!
portland bridge pedal...we crossed 6 of the portland bridges. great weather and really enjoyable.
3rd birthday! How did this happen so quickly?

corbett and olivia at the ridgefield parade

garden goodness

we actually had a few things to pick from our garden this year! each year gets a bit better! I will need to do more ready and more planning during the winter months so we are even more successful!
ummm, the face says it wasnt the taste she expected or hoped for.
so tomatoes were not her favorite but fresh corn was a real hit.
almost finished

ahhh. yummy goodness and a smile so sweet.


I jokingly mention I have a new family member-my pressure canner. Last was my first year canning and I stayed with the basics-applesauce, pears and peaches. This year I have added salsa, green beans, garlic, pickeled tomatoes, green tomato chutney, rum peach conserve, zucchini pickles, pearsauce, pears, peaches, blackberry jam, pickled cherry tomatoes and a few more that I am not remembering at the moment. many of these were more work than I bargained for, but so rewarding when said and done!