santa stopped by

waiting to hear the story and ask santa a question.

Her first strawberry shortcake! One of mommies favorites but I don't remember them having so many small pieces!
Santa just happened to be in the area of my parents place a few weeks early! Two years in a row now Santa has stopped by when we have had a holiday party. Olivia was very excited to greet him at the door, sit on his lap, hug him and mention she wanted a bathtub (???)! Ellinor wasn't so sure about him and stayed on mommy or daddy's lap the entire time. Santa read a story this year, we made ornaments, and each child got a gift! More relaxing and enjoyable for us then waiting in line at the mall....


We were above the cloud layer. seriously one of the best views I have ever seen.

the testosterone shot. we did end up chaining up to get back down.

I look forward to this day excursion every year; driving up through the hills, searching endlessly for the perfect symmetry, warming wet toes by the fire, hot chocolate licked lips and of course tough truck competitions by the big boys. There was very little snow this year so we were worried that the little ones would have to face disappointment...but we lucked out. Found a gorgeous spot, nice weather and views of three different mountains! We found our tree rather quickly and it is a beauty (still not decorated...). The girls enjoyed the snow and hanging out with cousins, but mostly the hot chocolate complete with marshmallows and whipped cream! My favorite "$5" family tradition...although for one lucky family, who received a parking ticket (on a forest service road???) the tree was a bit more spendy!

gobble them up

oh no..where did the turkey go?

they started getting a bit goofy after all the desserts!

concentrating so hard

Aunt Nancy always willing to get down on the floor and play with the girls! She brought materials for adorable & delicious rice krispie turkeys, which I didn't get a picture of because we ate them to fast.

Started with the Gratzer/Langley family then round off the evening with the McCuistion family. It was the first day that the girls went without a nap the entire day. they did surprisingly well, but I let Olivia know she shouldn't get her hope up! I enjoyed making them matching outfits this year and even the newest little doll Kyla was included!