Just Goofing Around

As we wait for another little addition to our family, we have been treasuring the simple moments here and there. The blondies are so animated these days! Here are just a few pics...

playing together without arguing!

silly girl at swim lessons

A neighbor and friend gave the girls her four wheeler.
We gave it a new battery and the girls love it!
Even Daddy finds a way to enjoy it!

cheese ball

swim bike run

So proud of my husband, who finished his first sprint triathalon! The girls and I enjoyed watching him challenge his mind and body! We are looking forward to competing in some of these together after this baby is born. We also hope to get our little ones invloved also!
His first swim, slow, but successful!

He is still smiling!

So proud!

Four Years

She fills our lives with so much sunshine, only fitting that she would choose a rainbow party for her 4th birthday.I always enjoy putting together a celebration and love to see the smiles and excitement it brings to my daughters face. Her birthday included a friend party Friday night, a trip to the beach Saturday through Monday and a family party Monday night!

making rainbow pasta necklaces

eyeing up the sweets table

painting with shaving cream

enjoying some color-coded snacks

Three cakes boxes and a significant amount of food coloring later...oh and 8 cups of frosting!

 Snow cones!

This is for the second party...there was so much cake left from the first.
I trimmed and flipped it and made another look!

Even Kyla had a necklace

a little cousin love

So tired from the busy weekend.

God Bless America

What a beautiful day to celebrate our independence. JJ had an incredibly busy week at work, over 60 hours in 4 days, which included him working on the fourth. We enjoyed the Ridgefield Parade in the morning, had nice naps and then had some friends over for a bbq and fireworks. Thankfully, our neighbors do a pretty good job of lighting their money on fire, so we don't have to! JJ did invest $20 dollars this year but as I am sure you know, it didn't go far!

getting ready for the parade to start

She was not a fan of all the large tow trucks and loud fire engines!

At our place we encouraged the kids to bring their bikes for a bike parade. There were all sorts of random patriotic decorations for the kids to use.

Leading the pack around the neighborhood.

Playing peekaboo with grandma.

Look at her face, not so sure about even sparklers!

playing with the older girls!

Ellinor loved the sparklers. She even decided to burn her eyebrows with one!


first fish

Here are a  few pictures from a camping trip at Timothy Lake with our good friends in late June! The weather tested us the first day but we held out and we were rewarded with two full days of sun!

a little slower then the rest

her first fish!

                                                  the size is totally intimidating, right?