Busy July

We celebrated Independence Day this year at the coast. We were able to park our trailer at JJ's parents lot. Some friends joined us for the local parade and stayed a night in their tent and then later JJ's parents also joined us! We enjoyed the nice warm weather and very little wind on the beach!

The girls would have ran from the waves for hours!




Poor little guy, always being toted around and having to sleep in the most awkward places!

Our dear cousin Joy and her family made it out from DC for a few days stay at Grandma Langley's bed and breakfast! All the cousins spent some time swimming, laughing, blueberry picking, chasing and just exhausting each other!

Ellinor 3.5, Joanna 2.5, Evelyn 4.5, Olivia 5, Sophia 2

Out for our morning walk in PJ's and with a smile.

This hungry hippo now feeds himself. He is a bit messy but he does get the job done!

We climbed Mt. St. Helen's! We purchased our passes back in January and the date seemed to sneak up on us! Haha. Really, who needs to do any training or anything? We had a blast. Left the kids at home, left early in the morning and spent the day doing a lot of sweating! The weather could not have been better.  There were 8 total in our group and we all seemed to keep each other encouraged as we tried to ignore our bodies!

 Just above the tree line. The easiest third of the climb. 6:30 am.
The middle section. This was by far my favorite section. We had to do a lot of climbing around boulders.

 Starting to transition to the top third of the mountain. Mostly ash and totally taxing. Two steps forward and one sliding step back. I had to convince myself to just keep taking ten steps at a time!

The top third of the climb took us 2 hours. We made it up to the summit in 5 hours and climbed back down in 3! The trip total is 9 miles.

At the summit looking into the dome.


Another shot looking inside. Crater lake in the back right.



Although we didn't think we were going to, glissading down the mountain on the decent was so much fun. Not to mention faster and easier on the knees! The climb was challenging, but I hadn't prepared myself for the way the back down, when I was tired and didn't have as much to look forward to. This was like glorified sledding.  

This is another proud moment from my summer! I competed in my first sprint triathlon and LOVED it! Well there were a few moments during the course where I might have answered otherwise, but it felt so good to cross the finish line. Half mile swim, 12.5 mile bike and 3.1 mile run! I had never swam in open water before so that was a huge learning curve and I had to convince my legs they could run after the biking section, but all in all I met most of my goals. Now, to set higher goals and encourage some family and friends to join me next year!

 The girls really didn't want to touch me. I was sopping wet!


Also we had a few birthdays to celebrate! Here are a few shots from Olivia's Hello Kitty party! Honestly I had to swallow hard when she mentioned this was the birthday theme she wanted...back in MARCH! and she didn't give up either! So I sucked it up and realized that it is not about me (don't most people realize this at a much younger age? ) and we went all out! The nice thing is that 2 million other 5 years old want this party as well so there were supplies everywhere! 

She has been saving for a dream light for a few months now and this is her face after realizing Aunt Katie got it for her!

Sweet and Sassy.

Sign of success? or poor planning? No leftover cake and some people weren't even served ice cream. I guess they get a double portion next year!