We started this month going on a quick vacation with my mom to the coast. The trip ended up being a memorable one. After unpacking the car  I realized I had forgotten all the clothes and toiletries. Including diapers and wipes! Yikes. We recovered, due to the simple fact that I could wash everyone clothes each night, and then have dry by morning. As this wasn't enough, one day while we were down by the pool, the stroller blew into the pool! The whole thing. Seriously when does that ever happen to anyone? I was in the pool with all three of my kids were in the pool without life jackets, my mom was in the bathroom and there I was, having to choose between my kids safety and my phone which was laying on the bottom of the pool. I was quick and luckily none of the kids went underwater! What a trip!
She was duplicating my face when I realized my mistake!
 Luckily they had their blankets and necessary sleeping aids!
I ended up buying a set of pajamas...they wore the short sleeve set for the day and the long sleeve set for night!
He wore this outfit for four days!
This was what they wore the day we left. Luckily kids don't care so much about clothes and the weather was cooperative! The most important thing was to make sure we had swimsuits for everyone.
And a few other photos from this month...
Henry is a little on the mischievous side (look at that smile) and we are also in a messy eating stage. he is not happy letting me feed him but he has not yet mastered feeding himself. So this photo shows this current stage. Every meal seems to end with so much food on the floor.
On a rainy day we brought down the winter gear and pretended we were stuck inside due to a blizzard!
Guess there is no more room in the wagon for other kids...
He mostly wants to eat the crayons and does so every time I turn my back.
Olivia started her second season of soccer. Her teammates are great friends and they are learning so much.
The weather has been pretty cooperative until the last game...and it was bad. I cannot believe my parents did this for 10 years. What dedication.
Going for the goal! She is aggressive and likes to score, but she really thrives playing defense!

Mommy's First Mate

My baby boy is one! Here is how my thoughts have changed as each of my children celebrated their first birthday- Olivia's 1st- Oh my what a fun year this has been, so excited for this special celebration. Ellinor's 1st- Oh thank goodness, we have survived, surely now that she is one things will get easier. Henry's 1st-Oh my word, how can this be- he is one already! Please grow more slowly.

We had a very eventful celebration for Henry's birthday. He was surrounded by family and a few friends...and then a few surprise guests. The theme for his birthday was sailboats, but Great Grandma Alena thought the paramedics and fireman might be a better fit! Unfortunately she took a rather painful tumble and ended up with a spiral break in her arm! Although the road has been long she is slowly getting better!
Big Sis trying to choose a treat to enjoy!
Some pool party...two hours before the party is was pouring.
Thank goodness it stopped before the party. And kids, well, they still wanted to go for it!
 He ended up with more cake on his body then went into his mouth!
 Almost all his cousins were watching, I think he felt a bit shy!
Poor Great Grandma!


We really enjoyed our warm summer days this year. Comparing last year at this time, when we were anxiously awaiting a new born to the freedom and flexibility we had this summer, our little family just seemed to soak up every moment together! So the following photos are some of our random family happenings!

We participated in the Bridge pedal again this year and this time Olivia was on her own. Although we only tackled the shorter route due to our first timer we still enjoyed it! My Sister and her family also joined us this year!

I really want to be a good gardener. I have dreams of planting from my own germinated seed starts, which started well before planting time, fertilizing with only the best compost, which we have been cultivating all year, watering with rain water that has been collected and run through a filter system created by my husband, blah, blah, blah, etc, etc, etc. What this translates to is picking up several seed packets that the girls thought looked interesting and then having them throw them in our planter boxes in whichever way they felt. Someday but until then...

JJ wanted to stay over night on the trampoline with the girls. I wasn't to excited about the idea so I opted for staying in with Henry. they had a great time!

Little did he know he was enjoying one of his last bottles.

The girls are now sharing a bedroom. Even two months later I still wouldn't recommended it (more on that in another post). We purchased new beds and this little guy wanted to help put them together!

They love to play school and I don't mind!

Just laughing the day away!


We finished up our summer with a few camping trips with friends and family. In August we stayed at Dose wallops state park, where some long time family friends are currently employed. We celebrated a few firsts; digging and cooking up oysters and Ellinor hopping on her pedal bike and taking off! We stayed two nights right next to Grandma and Grandpa Monahan and the girls loved traveling back and forth between trailers!
Playing down by the river

Enjoying some movie time in the wee early hours before mom and dad want to get up!

We hiked up to a waterfall a few miles from camp.

After 6 months on a skuut bike she was ready for the real deal.

While digging for oyster we found several other treasures.

He initially thought it was a bit chilly but his curiosity got the best of him!
We also spent a weekend with the McCuistion family at our annual family camp. The weather was wonderful, the food was good and being able to spend lots of quality time with family was great. I headed up games this year and we had lots of laugh. Every year we get a little more organized and a little more involvement! We did several minute to win it competitions and my only regret is that I didn't get more pictures!

Detroit Lake was our final stop this summer. We invited our good friends the Hendricks to join us and they were brave enough to take the challenge (did I mention they have a brand new baby girl? ).  We were a bit disappointed in the campground. Our site was about 20 feet from the highway and we spent most of our time shouting to communicate. Aside from the road noise the girls had a good time playing, the men did get a few naps in and RaChelle and I had a few moments to catch up on life!
A beautiful view. Again, the boy is curious and LOVES a mess!


 Keeping each other entertained as we get packed up!
Sisters are the best.

Enjoying a rather dirty swim in the lake.