All she wants to do is dance, dance, dance!

Olivia started dance this year and she has come along way. Her face lights up when we talk about anything dance related and every morning after breakfast she asks for some music and her tap and ballet shoes and puts on a show. I never thought dance would be the first organized "sport" I would introduce my child to, but she loves it and that makes my heart smile too! 

For her final recital, she and 4 other little blondies performed as Wendy from Peter Pan. I won't grow grow up, I won't grow up....well I certainly hope not for a little while anyways!

Make-up, yes, we went to the store to get the right stage make-up. I spent more money and time on the make-up aisle for her then I have on myself for several years now.  I felt like I needed to explain that it was for a performance and that I wasn't one of 'those" moms!

Some coloring backstage!
Flowers from Grandma Cathy, Auntie Chris and Daddy.

The serious expression!

Practicing before the final performance

We will take a break for the summer, but she has made me aware that she still wants to do it again in the fall. Ellinor seems to be catching on quickly and she may start up as well!


10 years. We have been happily married for 10 years! This little entry will spare the emotional and gushy , lovey dovey stuff and cut to the chase, because after all, we don't have time for that these days! We wanted to go on a big trip, which included airplane tickets to somewhere exotic, and we wanted to renew our vows and celebrate all the has happened and the ways God continues to bless our marriage. But funny thing, about 8 months ago I asked for a simple back rub...and well you can see the baby bump! So this put a temporary hold on those previous plans and we made a last minute trip up to Port Townsend for 4 days (the longest we have been away from the girls)!!! It was amazing. Quiet time, waking when we wanted, eating whatever, whenever, being to go to the bathroom in privacy, it was the little things really!
Taking the ferry to Vancouver Island, Canada! neither of us have explored there before!

We spent a lot of time outdoor, hiking and trying to spot wildlife. Some of the signs are hilarious!
Unfortunately, we never did find a good cup of coffee. Very disappointing.

One of the highlights, JJ saw several animals he is hoping to shoot during hunting season this year!

This is Dungeness Spit, the start of a 10 mile round trip hike on a sand bar to a little lighthouse! we ate a little restaurant near here that had a hometown bluegrass band of old men entertaining us. They were great and it was refreshing and humbling to see some couples in their late 80's dancing and loving on each other. They still had the sparkle in their eyes. We will be there someday!

We are so thankful for family that helped take care of our girls while we got away. We are still so much in love with each other and thank God for every day He gives us together!

howl like a wolf

We splurged and took the girls up to stay one night, really more like 20 hours, at Great Wolf Lodge. They had a blast! This was the first time we were all sleeping in one room together. Funny that this is what stands out to me! Olivia has really been enjoying swimming lessons and Ellinor loves to splash, so we figured with a baby coming it was now or not for a year or more!

Waiting to get in the second day. Rise and shine, lets go swimming, Olivia could barely get her breakfast finished before doning her swimsuit and goggles!
Eyeing up the wave pool. I was surprised that they enjoyed this as much as they did. We spent a good half hour or more in there each day. The first time in was a bit comical on my part, it took me a bit to get accustomed and for an adult I got sloshed around quite a bit made me wonder if might just get that water birth I hoped for, only 7 weeks early!

Conquering one of the kiddie slides.

I am so glad we got the chance to get away for a night and enjoy this water park. I must admit it was a bit spendy, but the smiles and giggles were well worth it.

let it rain

For Memorial Day weekend we joined three other couples from our small group at Barton Park campground just outside of Clackamas. The three sites we shared had were great for our little ones to explore. JJ had to do some tough maneuvering to get our monster of a trailer into the site, but He did it! The weather was actually really cooperative. We did have about an hour and a half of complete downpour, but it came close to bedtime so the timing was perfect, and surprisingly the ground was relatively dry by morning.

This was Olivia's first time with full ownership of her marshmallow and roasting stick. She did great, much more cautious then her mother, who likes to see flames!

 This is roughing it, right?  We dropped the awning of one of the campers and the kids enjoyed a short, silent video (this lasted for about 10 minutes until we heard the thunder and decided we better pack things up in a hurry)! The majority of the weekend we had 6 little ones (5 girls and a lone ranger), but a few families joined us for the day, and we were up to 10 kiddos racing around, plus two pregnant moms!

This really got the girls giggling!