Sugar Rush

So we celebrated her first birthday with lots of sugary frosting, she loved it! Everyday we thank God for his faithfulness and goodness to us. Olivia has been a precious gift and has added so much to our lives! A special thank you to all who have shared your love, your arms, your timely advice, your ears, your pocketbooks, your prayers with us as we raise this little doll!



In an effort to save time,
here are a few noteworthy happenings
in the Monahan House.
Our first camping trip to the Cove Palisades. What a hot one, not quite what we had expected. We enjoyed the boat, splashing in the water and hanging in the shade whenever possible, and sharing a camp space with our family!

Read the onesie carefully....Olivia is a big sister. Baby #2 Due in February!

Drip. Drip. The last of good stuff, seems almost hard to believe. Now some might wonder why post this picture, but for those of you who have been here, spent countless minutes at the mercy of your medela, this picture speaks volumes.
Olivia's Dedication

First Boating trip for Olivia and Lanie!

JJ competing in His first Duathalon. He did awesome and we are so proud of him for challenging his mind and body. Thanks to some encouragement from our neighbors (who compete at very serious levels) he seems eager to train and compete again.

Celebrating Carson's 1st Birthday!