We finished up our summer with a few camping trips with friends and family. In August we stayed at Dose wallops state park, where some long time family friends are currently employed. We celebrated a few firsts; digging and cooking up oysters and Ellinor hopping on her pedal bike and taking off! We stayed two nights right next to Grandma and Grandpa Monahan and the girls loved traveling back and forth between trailers!
Playing down by the river

Enjoying some movie time in the wee early hours before mom and dad want to get up!

We hiked up to a waterfall a few miles from camp.

After 6 months on a skuut bike she was ready for the real deal.

While digging for oyster we found several other treasures.

He initially thought it was a bit chilly but his curiosity got the best of him!
We also spent a weekend with the McCuistion family at our annual family camp. The weather was wonderful, the food was good and being able to spend lots of quality time with family was great. I headed up games this year and we had lots of laugh. Every year we get a little more organized and a little more involvement! We did several minute to win it competitions and my only regret is that I didn't get more pictures!

Detroit Lake was our final stop this summer. We invited our good friends the Hendricks to join us and they were brave enough to take the challenge (did I mention they have a brand new baby girl? ).  We were a bit disappointed in the campground. Our site was about 20 feet from the highway and we spent most of our time shouting to communicate. Aside from the road noise the girls had a good time playing, the men did get a few naps in and RaChelle and I had a few moments to catch up on life!
A beautiful view. Again, the boy is curious and LOVES a mess!


 Keeping each other entertained as we get packed up!
Sisters are the best.

Enjoying a rather dirty swim in the lake.

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