We started this month going on a quick vacation with my mom to the coast. The trip ended up being a memorable one. After unpacking the car  I realized I had forgotten all the clothes and toiletries. Including diapers and wipes! Yikes. We recovered, due to the simple fact that I could wash everyone clothes each night, and then have dry by morning. As this wasn't enough, one day while we were down by the pool, the stroller blew into the pool! The whole thing. Seriously when does that ever happen to anyone? I was in the pool with all three of my kids were in the pool without life jackets, my mom was in the bathroom and there I was, having to choose between my kids safety and my phone which was laying on the bottom of the pool. I was quick and luckily none of the kids went underwater! What a trip!
She was duplicating my face when I realized my mistake!
 Luckily they had their blankets and necessary sleeping aids!
I ended up buying a set of pajamas...they wore the short sleeve set for the day and the long sleeve set for night!
He wore this outfit for four days!
This was what they wore the day we left. Luckily kids don't care so much about clothes and the weather was cooperative! The most important thing was to make sure we had swimsuits for everyone.
And a few other photos from this month...
Henry is a little on the mischievous side (look at that smile) and we are also in a messy eating stage. he is not happy letting me feed him but he has not yet mastered feeding himself. So this photo shows this current stage. Every meal seems to end with so much food on the floor.
On a rainy day we brought down the winter gear and pretended we were stuck inside due to a blizzard!
Guess there is no more room in the wagon for other kids...
He mostly wants to eat the crayons and does so every time I turn my back.
Olivia started her second season of soccer. Her teammates are great friends and they are learning so much.
The weather has been pretty cooperative until the last game...and it was bad. I cannot believe my parents did this for 10 years. What dedication.
Going for the goal! She is aggressive and likes to score, but she really thrives playing defense!

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