Mommy's First Mate

My baby boy is one! Here is how my thoughts have changed as each of my children celebrated their first birthday- Olivia's 1st- Oh my what a fun year this has been, so excited for this special celebration. Ellinor's 1st- Oh thank goodness, we have survived, surely now that she is one things will get easier. Henry's 1st-Oh my word, how can this be- he is one already! Please grow more slowly.

We had a very eventful celebration for Henry's birthday. He was surrounded by family and a few friends...and then a few surprise guests. The theme for his birthday was sailboats, but Great Grandma Alena thought the paramedics and fireman might be a better fit! Unfortunately she took a rather painful tumble and ended up with a spiral break in her arm! Although the road has been long she is slowly getting better!
Big Sis trying to choose a treat to enjoy!
Some pool party...two hours before the party is was pouring.
Thank goodness it stopped before the party. And kids, well, they still wanted to go for it!
 He ended up with more cake on his body then went into his mouth!
 Almost all his cousins were watching, I think he felt a bit shy!
Poor Great Grandma!

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